Untouched Paradise: Discovering the Albanian Riviera


Imagine a place where the sea meets the sky, where the beaches are as white as pearls, and where history whispers in the wind. That’s the Albanian Riviera for you. Tucked away in Europe, this gem is a blend of nature’s best and tales from the past.

Albanian Riviera: Europe’s Hidden Gem: Picture this: Crystal clear waters, untouched beaches, and mountains that seem to touch the sky. That’s the Albanian Riviera. Locals call it Bregu, and it stretches across the districts of Sarandë and Vlorë. It’s like nature’s canvas, painted with the brightest colours.

Albanian Riviera. Imagine sunbathing here! (Image from Chasing The Donkey)

Why Everyone’s Talking About It: The Riviera isn’t just about pretty beaches. It’s got underwater wonders, mysterious caves, and orchards filled with the sweetest fruits. And those mountains? They’re the Ceraunian Mountains, standing tall and proud, guarding the coast.

Must-Visit Spots:

Ksamil: Think of a place with beaches so beautiful, they look like postcards. That’s Ksamil. And guess what? It’s got islands you can visit and an ancient city, Butrint, nearby.

Dhermi: This place is where the mountains say hello to the sea. It’s got cool hotels and is the place to be if you love dancing the night away.

Saranda: A city that’s got it all – beaches, history, and charm. Don’t forget to visit the ruins of Butrint when you’re here.

Keeping the Riviera Beautiful: The best thing about the Riviera? People care about it. There are projects to make sure it stays as beautiful as it is. From fixing up old houses to making sure there’s clean water, there’s a lot being done.

The Albanian Riviera is like a storybook, and every visitor gets to write a chapter. So, if you’re thinking of a place to visit, make it this one. Just remember, it’s not just a destination; it’s an experience. Enjoy every moment, and leave only footprints behind.

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